We will be operating with a smaller staff throughout the foreseeable future.  As such in order to serve as many clients and businesses as possible, we may at times enact the following measures:

Melron Electronics is considered an “essential service” and will remain operational in whatever capacity we can in order to serve our clients and their needs during this difficult time.  We have taken strict precautions to prevent the spread of infection -and will continue doing so in the future.

  • Closing of our front window to limit exposure
  • Clients can drop off items by filling out the drop off form on front counter and leaving item(s) on front table
  • Payments may be made through our Clover Credit card system (instructions located by terminal)
  • Security camera monitoring of entry ways and personal property
  • Phone calls may be forwarded to mobile device in order to field as many calls as possible even if we are not in the office during business hours
  • Cleaning of all items both coming in and going out by approved chemical measures
  • Not staffing our front office -customer drop-offs will be taken throughout the day
  • Service calls will be scheduled around both coverage at the shop and business volume (off peak times) Personal Protection Equipment will be worn by technicians travelling to your home or business
  • Special needs requests may be made by phone in regard to your health and safety

For all questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

~Call us at 517-423-7977~